March 9, 2019

IKEA Xi’an Store, China

Whether you associate IKEA with fun design, meatballs or cheap furniture, you know that it’s going to be the same all over the world. Under […]
February 10, 2019

Black Ramen (Nishicho Taiki Honten), Toyama

This ramen shop serves Toyama Black Ramen. We went to this ramen shop at Toyama (the noodles were call “Chuka soba” 中華そば). The noodle was […]
February 7, 2019

Uji (宇治), Kyoto

To the south of Kyoto lies Uji, a small city famed for its green tea, centrally surrounded by forested hills with Uji River passing through the […]
February 6, 2019

Shirakawa-go (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)

Shirakawa-go is located at the Ogi-Machi in the Ono District in Gifu Prefecture. The village is famous for their traditional Gassho-zukuri farmhouses, some of which are […]
January 29, 2019

Starbucks Toyama Kansui Park, Toyama City

There are several Starbucks stores in Japan that are called concept stores, which are designed with a special concept. The Starbucks in Toyama City is known […]
December 3, 2018

Masjid Putra, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Putra Mosque is a must visit site when you travel to Putrajaya. This place is considered the heart of the area. It can be seen from […]
November 19, 2018

Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Tokyo

The Bridge is one of the wonderful attractions of Tokyo, and it is fantastically beautiful in the evening and at night.  This is a view of Odaiba shot […]
November 4, 2018

Starbucks Duddell Street Hong Kong

If you would like to know what Hong Kong was lit like before neon was invented, go to Duddell Street Steps where you will see […]
September 18, 2018

Fujiko F. Fujio Museum (Doraemon)

Being a fan of Doraemon since childhood, it was a dream come true to visit this place. It brings back a lot of our childhood memory. We could see the working place and […]
September 14, 2018

After You Dessert Cafe, Central World, Bangkok

This place is very popular among the locals and tourists. After You Dessert Cafe always in my list when travel to Bangkok. You won’t be disappointed for what you have […]