The Great Wall of China, breathtaking views

The Great Wall of China is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed. If you are wondering which of the great walls to go to, we will highly recommend this one at Mutianyu. Lesser tourists, public transport available and coupled with the great views on offer.

We booked our Mutianyu tour package from klook which includes round-trip transportation from the hotel, an entrance ticket, English speaking guide, and lunch. No cable car ride included. We bought it separately from the Klook. The hotel pick-up time is 7 am and make sure you bring some water and snacks. Travel Time from Downtown Beijing to Mutianyu is around two hours.

Once we reached the base of Mutianyu, the tour guide purchased the entrance tickets for us. The tickets included a short transfer to a shuttle bus and then a short uphill walk to the cable car to the top.

Security check entrance to the cable car and ticket office

There are two ways of going up to The Great Wall. Walk all the way up or take a cable car round trip then walk about 100 meters.

A short uphill walk to the cable car

We took the cable car up and down, as we were not into climbing that many steps, but there were people who did it and said it was great.

The journey on the cable car takes about 6 or seven minutes.

Breathtakingly beautiful views from The Great Wall of China. From the cable car up and down ride, you can see the wall and the mountains and get a first impression of the height. The cable car takes you to tower 14 and you can go to the highest tower 20.

The stairs of the wall were slippery and steep in some sections but it truly is an experience for all of us. It was a lot of squeezing between people and dodging others because of how crowded it was. It was quite a workout so wear comfortable shoes.

The scale of the wall is astounding. Looking at the wall snaking away over the mountains or you could walk along it for a mile or so. You will enjoy whatever you do. The mountains are beautiful and the topography only makes the engineering of the wall all the more astonishing.

The Great Wall of China with its various watch towers was amazing. It is restored, and you can tell which parts are old and which are rebuilt.

This section of the Great Wall provided great scenery. The natural view from the wall is mesmerizing. We can tell that it is one of the most breathtaking places on earth.

There weren’t many people walking on the day but at every tower, there were people escaping the sun’s rays. If you have the energy, you can walk to tower 20. We spent most of the time at tower 14 until 17 before taking the cable back to the exit. It was sunny but windy. It was an experience not to be missed.

After the tour, we had lunch in a Chinese Restaurant called You Shun Ju Farmer House (游顺居农家院). They served sumptuously and in huge serving.

Amazing trip to Mutianyu, The Great Wall of China, and Incredible memories supported by wonderful pictures. It wasn’t a perfect outing in many respects but it was a once on a lifetime opportunity to see one of the man-made wonders of the world and we are very glad did it.

For more information about admission fees, opening hours, transportation, etc, you may visit their official website