Kanazawa Station, Amazing Architectural

When we arrived at Kanazawa station by Thunderbird Limited Express from Osaka, we were much impressed by the truly wonderful architecture that blends modern style with respect for tradition.

The Kanazawa station is smaller than many of the stations in Japan so it was a lot easier maneuvering around upon arrival.

The station itself has an impressive structure. Painted a deep vermillion and designed to look like a wooden torii gate, the entrance to Kanazawa station looms high over travelers, enfolding them in a cage of wood, glass, metal, and shadow.

Each pillar represents a depiction of a traditional Noh drum, and gives the gate its name “Tzuzumi-mon”.

Motenashi Dome created with traditional crafts in mind, is connected to Tsuzumi-mon and features a more modern design. All passengers, local or overseas, will pass under the dome and be sheltered under the rain or snow.

There is a lovely seating area to enjoy the station’s beauty

The Thunderbird Limited Express is a convenient and fast service that connects Osaka to the popular tourist destination of Kanazawa. From Osaka Station, the train takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach Kanazawa Station.

Information about the Thunderbird Limited Express

Kanazawa Station is one of those rare transport hubs that manages to be fantastically designed for people looking to transit, but also in terms of architectural and design aesthetics.

It is a lovely location, and we would recommend taking a bit of time to just explore while transiting.

Kanazawa Station has an East Gate and a West Gate and a central concourse that runs in a straight line between them. All of the station building’s facilities are on either side of this concourse. 

The Tourist Information Center is located on the north side of the concourse in the Rinto section and very close to the East Exit. Be sure to stop by and get some information on where to go in the surrounding area of Kanazawa. The staff is extremely helpful and they even speak English fluently with excellent pronunciation.

They also have a luggage delivery service. You can have your luggage delivered directly to your hotel in Kanazawa or to other locations in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Railway & Tickets information counter

There is a post office inside the Anto section which is on the north side of the central concourse. As well as the usual postal services, post office ATM machines accept foreign credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB. Post Office ATMs have both audio and visual English guidance and are very easy to use.

This place is so interesting and plenty of food to see or buy. They have nice local and western meals and are worth a try. If you are a fan of bento boxes, you may try the convenience store 7-11 which sells a variety of bento boxes and sushi.

The bus stops are outside the East Gate, the tourist office will give you timetables. If you have a JR pass, there is a special bus you can take to see the sights that are included in your JR pass.

If not, there is a right and left loop bus that will also take you to the main attractions and is very affordable.

The ticketing office for Shirakawa and Alpine areas is just next to the terminal where you can exchange or reserve the Nohi bus seat.

This is one of the most impressive stations we have ever seen. Well worth a visit even if you haven’t arrived by train.

Website:- https://www.kanazawastation.com/