Kizu Wholesale Market, Osaka


While most tourists will go to Kuromon Ichiba Market, this is a less well known wholesale market for fishes, meats & fruits in Osaka but we like it much better where you can see more local buyers & real actions.


The Kizu wholesale market is conveniently located about 5 minutes walk from Daikoku-Cho station (350m). It has over 300 years of history as a kitchen in Osaka. An interesting walk through the market with eateries on the outer side of the market. Fresh seafood and produce available. The fruits and vegetables are excellent. And in some shops, the seafood can be consumed on the spot.


The Kizu wholesale market is very clean and this is one of the best food market we have visited. The market had all kind of seafood, sashimi, sushi, lobster, shellfish, and of course the big juicy, tender Alaskan crab.


Stores selling vegetables are there too. Japanese sweet potatoes and fresh asparagus, lotus stems, Edamame Japanese fresh soy beans, matsutake mushroom and fruits and vegetables are excellent. Just looking at them and the way they are displayed really warm your heart.


This market is less tourist orientated and therefore less busy. But that is not to say the market has less to sell. Far from it all the sea food stalls are there selling fresh fish, eels, oysters, sea urchins, scallops. And in some shops, the seafood can be consumed on the spot.


There is a very nice stall selling freshly grilled eel rice unagi just outside the front entrance to this market. Be there early morning before 9.00am when the grilled eels come out. There are some shops that sell good quality sushi and sashimi.



We went to ODA, a market in the next building and we find the prices that is quite attractive for retail buyers.

The market also boasts of a good selection of fruits including the strawberries and white colored strawberries and their prices varies depending on the size and quality of the strawberries. 


We paid 500 Yen for 2 pack of strawberries and the strawberries are so fresh and much cheaper than the supermarket and malls. Lots of things to buy and to try. Prices are reasonable.



The Kizu wholesale market could be an option to visit if you have time in Osaka.

Opening Hours 

Monday 5am–1pm
Tuesday 5am–1pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 5am–1pm
Friday 5am–1pm
Saturday 5am–1pm


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