Maeklong Railway Market, Bangkok

Maeklong Railway Market is a traditional Thai market selling fresh vegetables, foods and fruits. What makes it special is that the market is located on a train line where, a few times a day, the train runs directly through the market. We arrived just a minute or two before the train passed through.


When the train comes, vendors lower their umbrellas and move some of their produce further back off the train tracks. Some of the vegetables are laying on the ground and the train goes right over them. Amazingly, nothing is damaged or broken, and as soon as the train passes, vendors continue as normal.


Recommend to try taking photo and video from the street, and get a exciting experience of squeezing in the market for another time when train passing by. If you are heading out on your own best to check railway timetable. There is only 4 train arrivals and departures per day so make sure you come at the right time to avoid long waits. As once the train has gone, not much to see after that.


To get to Maeklong Railway Market, you will likely need to get by minivan at either the Mo Chit Northern or Sai Tai Mai Southern bus terminals, which are fairly cheap. You could also take a taxi for the whole day for more comfort, but this will set you back about 2,000 Baht or so. Overall, this is a once in a lifetime experience so we would say it is worth the 90 minutes journey from Bangkok to see.