Sleep Box, Xi’an Xianyang International Airport

If your flight arrive in late midnight or delay in Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, you can option choose to  sleep in one of “Sleep Box” at a low price like 50 RMB per hour and there are 20 Sleep Boxes available at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. IMG_20180505_014123.jpg

China’s first “Sleep Box” for passengers opened to the public at Xi’an Xianyang International Airport in Xi’an, the capital city of northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province on July 10, 2012. Each “Sleep Box” covers an internal area of three square meters and is produced with wood-based panels, attracting many travelers for temporary rest.


The sleep boxes are made to look like a small wooden house and contain a single bed or Double Decker with 2 bed.


Above photo is the customer service counter for booking and reservation. Our flight arrived at 1.20 am and we are so tired after the immigration which took about 1 1/2 hours. There are 3 immigration counter opened for the late flights.

Since the Airport bus service to town is available from 7.00 am onward, we decided to rent one of this “Sleep Box”. Its very convenience and you can put your luggage bags inside. The door is locked and can be unlocked with pass code. No worry for overslept as the customer service officer will knock your door for the reminder.


The “Sleep Box” with a height of 2.7 meters (8.9 feet) and an area of 3 sq meters (32 sq feet), looks like a tiny wooden house. Although being small in size, a “Sleep Box” is equipped with bed (Single or Double Decker), power supply, WiFi, a foldable computer desk, LCD TV and others.

Travelers can have a better rest in these “Sleep Box” while waiting for their flights, rather than waiting boringly and uncomfortably on the chairs. Would you like to try one of those sleep boxes while waiting for the flights?




Business hours      : 08:00 – 23:00

Service Rates         : 50 RMB/  hour

Service Hotline      : 029-88796315


  • Corridor connecting T2 and T3
  • T3, behind check-in areas J/K